Every Photo has a Story

Let’s get into the story, that went into the making of an art form that flooded me with messages from the last few days.

When I first came across the magical couple of Aishwarya and Vamsi, a crazy little thought struck my mind. A thought of the couple floating in air, expressing the ultimate paradox of love.

As I had the couple ready, the later part of the process was to find the environment required. And the search stopped with the following background.

Now, as I had the background ready, the next part was to get the details that makes the art form it is. To achieve the illusion of floating, I made the bride sit on the edge of the wall in the following posture. The gown obeying gravity, helped me with the illusion.

The next step was to create the illusion of the hair. And the following capture helped us achieve it.

he bride was all set for the illusion and it’s time we make the groom ready. The groom as you can see in the final pic is floating head down. The legs make a major part of the illusion and I had to take the help of a few of my associates to help achieve this.

And as stated earlier, I never leave a detail, even if it’s as minor as a shoe.

Now for the final act, that defines the paradox of love in our artform. A kiss to the fore head.

It isn’t over yet, for I have to get the details of her waist as it was hiding beneath her hands in the above posture

Now as I have shared everything that went into the making of one of my most talked about works, I have a few more thoughts to share. The first of which is a famous quote forever close to my heart.

‘There are no rules for photographs. There are only good photographs.’

I believe a good photograph is a culmination of passion, vision, nature and science. Science here, doesn’t only refers to the equipment, but also to the many things beyond. Photoshop is one prime example. We live in no magical land. But we do think beyond the boundaries of reality. A thought that transcends into the magical work we create for the world to see. To achieve it, we need a magical tool to erase the line between fantasy and reality. A magical tool that showcases our thought into an art form, for the world to see. And I found that in Photoshop. And I will use it, just like I use my vision, the light and the many factors known and unknown, to realize my dream.

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  1. Anooj teja

    Awesome work. Its really helpful to beginners like me. As i am a photography lover i always have a enthusiasm to know the story and to learn the behind work. Hoping we will get more stories of behind work.. And venky sir u have really peaceful heart.. I can see it in your photography. Every photo of yours make to step towads photography field.. As i m a computer science engineer students my parents feel it risky of life to jump to other field.. But future lo eppudina sarei will come back and work in camera field..

    Photriya keep Rocking

  2. Shruthi

    Venky that’s just amazing. I am sure you cleared thousands of people doubts who looked at this picture and had that question in their mind as to how could u even click this pose. And, you mentioning it in so detail is just awesome. Thank you and we will look forward for more such amazing work. Keep going.

  3. Sai kumar

    Awesome thoughts nd great photography….gud work done by everyone who included in it…:) nd lovely couple too…^_^

  4. Raju

    Creativity at its best…. Fantastic work as usual…. I really appreciate your dedication towards your job. It’s always give the best output. Yes ‪#‎EveryPhotoHasAStory‬..

  5. Sundar

    Its pure form of effort and creativity. I really appreciate how the series of photo was bundled in to one masterpiece. Excellent work. And for the ones who were ruing on ‘photoshop’ ‘photoshop’ comments, zip ur lips and just start thinking how can this be made in to reality. I bet u will run away from ur photoshop.
    @Photriya amazing work.

  6. Prasad sreepathi

    Awesome sir excellent I am big fan of your photography thank-you very much for sharing the details

  7. Anoop Simon Louis

    A photo never born without creativity. Handsoff man…. This is an awesome job. Fly heights in your creations… Critics do come. Hold your energy and push hard.

  8. Pavan

    Hi Bro.. Photography is my hobby even though I capture with my mobile cam. I want to learn photography in detail and wanna make perfect illusions like u. Please suggest me how to proceed?

  9. Vishali

    Sir u hav did ultimate wrk on aishwarya n vasmi per wedding shot….as my word u ple promote to direction side …as it was fitted to u ….

  10. Ullas

    You are crazy man.. its astonishing.. It snot the idea i am enlightened.. The effort you have put in to making the first picture… There are many ways of doing this but to make all those actions, physical elevations (little physics i mean gravity) etc the background selections made it look very nice and attractive.. To do this in Photoshop is easy, but to create those snaps to start with editing is very hard… I am a frequent visitor of most of the wedding photography websites… but this pic was still in mind for many day,, and i feel it should be there for years.. until it will be replaced by another pic.. (may be you can only replace with more nice ideas)….

    Keep it up and best wishes….

    Appreciate your effort, skills and best wishes for your team.

  11. suresh kambidi

    yes every photo has its own story…..

    but in the real world the pic taken in a real time(i mean not this photo which u have edited in photoshop)……!

    finally i love this pic…..nice editing….

  12. Ravi Nayak

    Thank You Sir……
    Hearty thanks for all of the works you have shared with us……..

    Actually i’m one of those who started photography as a career after watching a video on youtube published by you.

    And your posts always inspires me a lot but after seeing this blog i really feel very grateful to you.

    Thanks for sharing sir
    Hearty Thanks

  13. mahendra

    ohhh.. thats great a single pic requires so much of hard work.. hands of to your vision and also hardwork